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Remembering David

Last Tuesday, February 17, Stephanie and I joined about 150 others to remember David.  This service was held at the Boulder Valley Church of Christ in Louisville, Colorado, and followed a service honoring him that was held near his home in California where about 500 attended.  After he graduated from Abilene Christian Universtiy in 1984, David served as a youth minister at this Colorado church for about three years, and Pat, his father, had served as an elder at the congregation as well.  This is the church where Pat's funeral was held only three weeks prior to David's.

Prior to the service, we met Lynn, David's wife; Trevor, David's oldest son; Sharon, David's sister (whom I had never met); and Sharon's friend, Bob.  We shared a late lunch and just enjoyed being together.  From there we went directly to the church for the service.

The service began with Trevor reading letters written by his mother, and his brother and sister, Stone and Malia.  Through these letters they told how they had loved David, some of the things they had shared, and how his departure had left a huge void in their lives.  Their letters were both sad and uplifting as they talked about the lessons David had taught them and the many ways they will remember him.  The childrens' letters were especially poignant because it is so tough to lose your dad and best friend at such an early age.  Trevor did a remarkable job of sharing these letters with the audience; his voice never wavered and he maintained his composure throughout.

After Trevor's presentation we watch a slide show that began with David's collge days and progressed up to the present year.  It was both funny and sad, and it illustrated how many friends David had made over the years.  Many of the photos were taken when he had worked at the church during the 80's.  There are obviously many folks there who still remember, and love, David very much.  There was some congregational singing, some recorded music that was especially meaningful to the family, and then more slides, also accompanied by music, both spiritual and secular.  The slide shows were very moving, and I felt that I came to know my cousin a bit better by watching them.

Then James Fung-a-Fat, an elder at the church and the Master of Ceremony, offered an open mic for anyone who wanted to share memories of David.  Several folks who had known David while he was growing up in Boulder gave moving tributes.  High school friends, college friends, Lynn's college friends, and church friends all shared memories of and tributes to David.  Near the end of the ceremony I finally asked for the mic.  I told the crowd that I had always thought that my cousin David treated me special because I was special.  After hearing their stories I now realize that David treated me special because he was so special.  The service lasted over two hours and no one seemed to notice the passing of time.  It was a fitting tribute to a really special man. 

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